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Capacity Building in Species monitoring


Project Facts

Project objective: Increased capacity to manage and monitor Natura 2000 sites effectively
Project promoter: The Environmental Protection Agency
Type of institution: National agency
Project number: LT03-0004
Target group(s): Researchers or scientists,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 585,000
Final project costs: € 528,748
From EEA Grants: € 449,436
The project is carried out in: Lithuania

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This is a project under the programme: Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


Environmental Protection Agency implemented the project “Capacity Building in Species Monitoring”. The goals of this project were to form methodology background and collect data and other basic information, needed for the effective assessment of the plant and animal species Community concern, which require establishing of the Natura 2000 network territories. Project consisted of three parts. First part was implemented with the partner State Service for Protected Areas and was dedicated for the increased capacity of the protected areas administrations to evaluate state and the trends of the species with the European concern. The second part was implemented in collaboration with the Nature Research Center and was focused on collection and analyzing data on plant and animal species EC concern, their state and its change. The third was executed together with the Nature Research Center as well and it was designed to collect and analyze data on invasive alien species and prepare recommendations for their management. The project ensured the necessary data collection and conservation status evaluation for as many as 101 species of plant and wildlife species of Community concern. Also, at least 13 invasive alien plant and invertebrates ’species’, identified as having the highest impact potential on biodiversity, spread, main pathways and possible impact to species of Community concern were assessed and prevention recommendations elaborated. The data collected during the implementation of the project will serve as a basic information to assess and forecast the changes in the state of species in the future and the assessment if the actions performed concerned the natural habitats and protection of the wild fauna and flora (by the EU Directives 2009/147/EC and 92/43/EEC) are effective.


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