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Strengthening of Marine and Inland Water Management – Part Two


Project Facts

Project objective: Improved environmental information on impact, status and trends
Project promoter: The Environmental Protection Agency
Type of institution: National agency
Project number: LT02-0002
Target group(s): Researchers or scientists,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 3,264,059
Final project costs: € 3,238,976
From EEA Grants: € 2,753,130
The project is carried out in: Lithuania

Summary of project results


Protection of water resources and implementation of sustainable marine and inland water management is one of the main environmental challenges in Europe and in Lithuania as well. Human activity exerts various pressures on water bodies, which result in deterioration of quality of water. The aim of this project was to improve data on the environment, to develop the means to assess the status of water bodies (WB) and to implement measures of water quality improvement and assess their effectiveness. The following activities have been implemented and results achieved during the project: 1. Three data collection reports on biological water quality elements have been prepared in order to assess current water. 2. Two reports have been prepared on assessment of the farming impact for WB. As well as 2 reports on assessment of the air pollution on WB. 3. One study has been prepared about exploration of compounds of the biogenic sediments in the Curonian lagoon. 4. One report has been prepared on detection of land covers change classes. 5. Research in 75 WB has been performed in order to prepare analysis of risky WB status. 6. Evaluation of Klaipeda port water area and selection of measures to address the problems of water quality has been represented in 1 study. 7. Preparation of 1 methodology on damage caused by hydroelectric power plants on the WB. 8. Establishment of technical base for monitoring of WB (mass spectrometer and a set of equipment (measuring devices, sampling, laboratory equipment and other measures), necessary for taking samples and identification of chemicals during the implementation of the state environmental monitoring programme and the state laboratory control, has been purchased). 9. Installation of diffuse water pollution abatement measures and the assessment of their effectiveness (1 wetland, 3 sedimentation ponds and 10 controlled drainage systems have been installed). 10. Naturalisation of straightened river and studies of its ecological status (renaturalisation measures in 3 rivers have been installed). 11. Fish bypass for salmon and trout in River Zalesa has been constructed in order to remove barriers of fish migration. 12. Creation of ship ballast water and sediment management control system (1 system has been created). The project contributed to the strengthening of sustainable marine and inland water management and formed preconditions to improve the environmental status of water bodies.


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