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Decent work for social workers at the municipal level


Project Facts

Project objective: Lithuania - Enhanced understanding of the benefits of decent work
Project promoter: Lithuanian Trade Union of State, Budget and Public Service Employees (LTUSE)
Type of institution: Trade union
Project number: IN22-0049
Target group(s): Civil servants/Public administration staff,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 85,723
Final project costs: € 85,723
From Norway Grants: € 74,917
The project is carried out in: Lithuania

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


The objective of the project was to raise awareness and enhance the understanding of the benefits of decent work in Lithuania, particularly focusing on the problem of third-party violence in workplaces. In order to strengthen the capacity of social workers and employers to prevent and mitigate third-party violence risks in social sector, the following project activities were implemented: - A national survey was conducted to evaluate the working conditions, risks and needs related to achieving decent work for social workers at local level; - 4 seminars for social workers on decent work were organised; - Recommendations for employers and employees were formulated on actions that should be undertaken in the event of a third party violence; - “Action Day” was organised to build awareness on decent work among social workers and decision makers in municipalities. The following outputs were achieved through the project: - 108 people increased their knowledge on social dialogue and third party violence issues; - Stickers “ACTION DAY FOR DECENT WORK” were printed and distributed to 60 Lithuanian municipalities; - The project analyzed special cases on prevention of third party violence and harassment in Lithuania and the EU and trade unions contributed with recommendations for the publication “Prevention of third party violence” where it provided guidelines on actions to be undertaken by employers and employees in the event of violence and harassment. The publication also provided advice on how to control, reduce and avoid these issues. The project contributed to a greater commitment by the Lithuanian Trade Union of State, Budget and Public Service Employees and Lithuanian Trade Union of Social Institution Employees to promote social dialogue and Tripartite Council work in all regions of Lithuania.

Bilateral results


The Norwegian partner KS took part in 4 regional seminars in Lithuania. The seminars focused on third party violence and social dialogue. The Norwegian speakers were from NUMGE and KS. Project partners from Lithuania and Norway worked together and shared experience in order to help each other to prevent and manage problems of harassment and violence instigated by third-parties in workplaces and assesses the impact of this problem on employees' well-being and productivity.


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