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Strengthening dialogue in Roma settlements with the help of new type of artisitc workshops


Project Facts

Project objective: Awareness of cultural diversity raised and intercultural dialogue strengthened
Project promoter: Autonomia Foundation
Type of institution: Foundation
Project number: HU07-0043
Target group(s): Young adults,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 134,139
Final project costs: € 118,395
From EEA Grants: € 90,562
The project is carried out in: Budapest

Summary of project results


The aim of the project was to build older traditions or to create new traditions by launching new types of art initiatives that move the community closer. Another aim was to convince the leaders of communities and institutions that community cultural and artistic activities were able to give hope and opportunity to create new, sustainable, mutually coherent communities and cultural traditions, and thus create new horizons for the members o the community. Of the 12 possible sessions 8 types were selected by the 11 settlements involved in the implementation, so there was a pilot activity that was presented in several settlements. The frequency with which workshops took place depended on local needs and the nature of the activity. Typically, they were organized on two or three monthly occasions, or organized as camps. The first session, the Film Creation Camp, was held in Kővágószőlős. Here the locals decided to make a film about their own lives, relationships and problems. Even the film scripts were jointly written by locals. The film was released on 26 November 2016 in a community screening project in the village. There were a total of 688 regular participants in the 11 settlements. In addition to the professional leaders and local coordinators, local volunteer assistants were involved in the implementation of the sessions. During the project, the organizational competences of local assistants have improved and their local recognition has also strengthened. In several settlements, an initiative has been launched to allow employment to continue after the funding period.


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