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Loli Zumi


Project Facts

Project objective: Awareness of cultural diversity raised and intercultural dialogue strengthened
Project promoter: Besenyszögért Foundation
Type of institution: Foundation
Project number: HU07-0036
Target group(s): Roma,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 82,356
Final project costs: € 82,259
From EEA Grants: € 62,928
The project is carried out in: Észak-Alföld

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


The purpose of the project was the exploration of Roma culture found in the North-Szolnok micro-region. To make Roma traditions, cultural and artistic values accessible to the public, to implement joint creative activities, thereby reducing existing social tensions in society, by providing access to cultural products to the population of disadvantaged settlements. A further aim was to make accessible local cultural values, to involve people of Roma origin and cultural organizations, strengthening cooperation for future events. One of the project results was the Roma and poors’ food collection of the Great Plains. Another publication presented the typical Roma and Hungarian tales, beliefs, past legends, tales and beliefs associated with waters, wells, crosses, and bridges, of which 1,000 copies were printed in Hungarian, and the online and downloadable versions have been available in Hungarian, English and Romany in order to strengthen mutual acceptance, to pass on the cultural values. Guarding the traditions of the Great Plain has been done, the search for common values. The results of the collections have been made public and available to everyone.


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