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Assistance to the Asylum Service


Project Facts

Project objective: Well-functioning asylum system in place, enabling asylum-seekers to bring forward their claim for international protection, have their claim processed in due time and be offered accommodation during the processing of their case, or to return voluntary to their country of origin
Project promoter: Asylum Service
Type of institution: Government ministry
Project number: GR06-0002
Target group(s): Asylum-seekers,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 7,575,090
Final project costs: € 4,343,142
From EEA Grants: € 3,691,671
The project is carried out in: Greece


Summary of project results


Greek government in 2011, in order to normalize the procedures of examining applications and granting or not asylum, after several years when the responsibility was in Hellenic Police, established Asylum Service (AS) as the first civil service of the country dealing with the provision of international protection. According to Law 3907/2011 and later on 4375/2016, AS receives, examines and decides, in accordance with the national legislation and international obligations of the country, on asylum applications submitted in Greece by third country nationals (TCNs) who have left their country due to justified fear of persecution on grounds of racial, religious, ethnic or political beliefs. AS also supports national policy on international protection matters in the European Union. Moreover, AS provided administrative support to the newly established Appeals Authority, responsible to examine in the second instance appeals against international protection claims that were rejected at first instance. This Pre-defined project was a vital boost to AS financial needs at the very beginning of the Service’s establishment as it funded for about 36 months salaries for extra staff members, interpretation services for the TCNs applicants, printing in different languages informative material on their rights and obligations as well as psychological support to AS staff. During the implementation of the project AS gave a) decisions to 27.419 TCNs applying for asylum b) facilitation in access for international protection procedures to a lot of TCNs as well as to 1.384 TCNs asylum seekers staying in Reception and Identification Center in Fylakio by providing adequate information on the right to seek asylum, information about the asylum authorities and access to the relevant services for inclusion in voluntary return procedures. All these in accordance to the Greek Action Plan and the subsequent policy on migration and asylum matters. Finally, bilateral relations between Greece and the Donor countries were facilitated particularly by: a) widening cooperation between Greece and Norway and b) dissemination of knowledge and mutual understanding.


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