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The Energy Data Feed Platform


Project Facts

Project objective: Realisation of the business opportunities of greening of the European economy
Project promoter: Elering AS
Type of institution: Large enterprise
Project number: EE07-0040
Target group(s): Entrepreneurs,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 466,870
Final project costs: € 447,824
From Norway Grants: € 285,488
The project is carried out in: EESTI

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This is a project under the programme: Green Industry Innovation

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


There was need for a software platform capable to integrate different data sources and to provide appropriate services to convert these data into valuable information for energy flexibility management, audit and benchmarking. Elering has developed an opened software platform Estfeed for monitoring and managing energy consumption. The software platform Estfeed allows to collect electricity, district heating and gas smart-meter readings, and transmit them to energy consumers or to their authorized agents. Five first applications have been developed, showing potential and real value for the market. 1. One-stop-shop helps a consumer to take all the actions regarding to the installation of renewable energy devices and connecting to the grid at one place. A consumer can calculate if it’s possible and reasonable to install renewable energy devices, what kind of devices are most useful for a consumer, what is the cost of devices and what is the process of getting a electricity producer. 2. The heat monitor is able to track energy losses related to your consumption and enables a consumer to see how to optimize their heat consumption. 3. With the help of an application called Right Ampere, a consumer can find out how large main fuse is needed to prevent a damage by overheating or fire. It is also possible to keep an eye on one’s daily energy consumption. 4. The aggregator helps a consumer to decide how many consumers should band together for buying electricity at lower prices 5. A virtual power plant helps a consumer to make a decision between different renewable energy sources. Relying on your consumption data, this application helps you to calculate the profitability of your investments. As a result of the project: • Consumers get rapid energy consumption analysis; • Application developers provide practical smart energy services that have impact and generate revenues; • Renewable energy producers and other market participants (sellers, BRPs, prosumers, producers) can start to provide services that support network capacity operations and generate extra revenues; • Network operators can share data with confidence and get support of market participants (flexibility services). There is potential hidden into non transparent grid that needs to be discovered without hurting any security requirements. Fast, verifiable data availability makes the energy market substantially more efficient.


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