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3D yeast colony genomics: A model for cancer progression and development of drug resistance in biofilms

Czech Republic

Project Facts

Project objective: Increased research cooperation between Norway and the Beneficiary States
Project promoter: Charles University, Faculty of Science
Type of institution: University, college or other teaching institution, research institute or think-tank
Project number: CZ09-0009
Target group(s): Researchers or scientists,
Status: In Progress
Initial project cost: € 958,000
From Norway Grants: € 814,300
The project is carried out in: Hlavní město Praha

More information

Project website

This is a project under the programme: The Czech – Norwegian Research Programme

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Project summary


The Czech teams behind this project have shown that yeast colonies behave as primitive multicellular organisms composed of differentiated cell types. Recent findings revealed metabolic parallels between differentiated yeast colonies and tumour-affected organisms as well as defence strategies in biofilm colonies. The main aim of the project is to use next-generation DNA/RNA sequencing methodology provided by the Norwegian partner to identify novel molecular mechanisms involved in the development of yeast cells within both colony types. We anticipate that knowledge gained in this way and published in international scientific journals will find applications in medicine, providing further insight into tumour physiology and in treatment of mycoses. YEASTSEQ will also initiate new long-term cooperation between Czech and Norwegian teams and significantly expand the knowledge and skills of the participating teams, including PhD students and young researchers.


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