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Digital cultural and historical heritage of the Municipality of Plovdiv


Project Facts

Project objective: Cultural history documented
Project promoter: Municipality of Plovdiv
Type of institution: Regional or local authority
Project number: BG08-0011
Target group(s): Roma, Manager, leaders, teachers, trainers, administrators and technical staff from eligible institutions,
Status: In Progress
Initial project cost: € 586,779
From EEA Grants: € 498,762
The project is carried out in: Пловдив / Plovdiv

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Project summary


The project aims to improve the access to museum collections and facilitate work with archival resources. The project will establish a state-of-the-art digital center, consisting of two facilities which will be used for digitization of the cultural heritage of Plovdiv museums and libraries. The project will also target Roma inclusion by digitizing Roma cultural heritage, with the participation of the local Roma community. The project is in line with the EU strategy “Digital Agenda for Europe” aimed at the implementation of digital technologies for intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth in the EU. Investing in digitization infrastructure and in human resources capacity will ensure a long-term program for digitization of cultural treasures in the city. The target is to digitize 50 000 cultural heritage objects; to develop two digital centers; to train 14 employees of Plovdiv’s cultural institutions in digitization; to digitize 5000 items of Roma cultural heritage; and to train two young members of the Roma population to acquire ICT-related qualifications. Targeted groups are researchers, students, museum workers and scholars; cultural and research institutions; young Roma's to be trained; and Plovdiv citizens.


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