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The temple of the ancestral heritage - Preservation, restoration and exhibition of "St. Nativity of the Virgin "- Milanovo village, Svoge municipality.


Project Facts

Project objective: Cultural heritage restored, renovated and protected
Project promoter: Regional administration of Sofia region
Type of institution: Regional or local authority
Project number: BG08-0003
Target group(s): Students, Roma,
Status: Terminated
Initial project cost: € 315,733
From EEA Grants: € 0
The project is carried out in: София / Sofia

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


The project aimed conservation, restoration and exhibition of the church "St. Nativity of the Virgin" in the village of Milanovo, municipality of Svoge and economic revitalization in the abandoned areas of the Nature Park “Vrachanski Balkan”. The aims were implemented on the base of preserved natural and authentic cultural heritage and through the development of sustainable partnerships. The target groups were local people, visitors and tourists in the nature park, representatives of public authorities and the Roma ethnic group, as well as people interested in the field of cultural heritage, including representatives/people/folks from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The project included activities for development and implementation of technical and work projects for conservation, restoration and exposure of the church "St. Nativity of the Virgin". The temple is a unique, well preserved, typical medieval Bulgarian church, dating from 1492 and it is cultural monument of national importance. At the same time, activities for documenting the material culture of the region took part in the project. The project included a professional training of the representatives of the Roma ethnic group in "Landscaping" specialty. Then they participated in the landscape activities in the project area. Moreover, a various artistic talents from the Roma population took part in the cultural festival of traditions. As a result of the project, a unique cultural heritage building is restored. The restored building is exhibited in an authentic cultural and natural environment. The partnership between government organizations with functions in the field of cultural heritage and regional development added value to the local development. The Southern zone of the Nature Park “Vrachanski Balkan” is having a new attractive cultural center This led to increasing the value context of the nature park, its attractiveness and economic revitalization based on the specific and conserved natural and authentic heritage.

Bilateral results


Partner is a nongovernmental organization from Norway who actively works in the field of permaculture. PERMACULTURE is an applied science for human habitat design and productive farming systems, resembling the most natural. It is based on ecological and biological principles, using recurrent patterns (templates) to maximize benefits and minimize efforts. Its goal is to create sustainable, productive systems that meet human needs and harmoniously integrate people and land. The sphere of action of the partner largely approximates not only the goals but also the philosophy of the current project, and that is the reason for his choice. The partner identified and provided for the participation of a minimum of five people within the planned festival. They have participated in the discussions and workshops and share the basic principles of permaculture and by presenting food and cuisine in this area. In addition, the partner participates in the promotion of the project and its results in Norway.


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