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Methodological Support for Ecosystem Services Mapping and Biophysical Valuation (MetEcoSMap)


Project Facts

Project objective: Improved integration of biodiversity considerations in sectoral policies and legislation
Project promoter: Ministry of Environment and Water
Type of institution: Government ministry
Project number: BG03-0026
Target group(s): Civil servants/Public administration staff,
Status: In Progress
Initial project cost: € 849,854
From EEA Grants: € 722,376
The project is carried out in: Bulgaria

More information

Project website

This is a project under the programme: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Project summary


The project provides innovative research, a methodological link and guidance between diverse projects under programme BG03, and stakeholder involvement to implement Action 5 of EU Biodiversity strategy to 2020. A main challenge is creating a uniform national approach and resolving methodological issues that will arise in the process of mapping ecosystems and their services. The partnership will combine Bulgarian and Norwegian expertise to provide the following outputs: 1. A national methodological framework on ecosystem state and services assessment, monitoring and in situ verification, verified by fieldwork and peer review by international and national stakeholders. 2. A group process of wide stakeholder involvement and inter-institutional cooperation to support the implementation and reporting on Action 5 3. Methodological coordination and support to the ongoing projects under BG03 – open call BG03.02 and pre-defined project 1-IBBIS, ensuring comparability of results and outputs across these projects.


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