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Investigations on the State of the Marine Environment and Improving Monitoring Programs developed under the MSFD - ISMEIMP


Project Facts

Project objective: Improved monitoring of marine waters
Project promoter: Black sea Basin Directorate - Varna
Type of institution: Regional or local authority
Project number: BG02-0005
Target group(s): Civil servants/Public administration staff,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 693,912
Final project costs: € 656,978
From EEA Grants: € 558,431
The project is carried out in: СЕВЕРНА И ЮГОИЗТОЧНА БЪЛГАРИЯ

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008/56/EO (MSFD) raises significant challenges for the research and evaluation of the status of the marine environment. During the initial assessment of the state of marine environment in Bulgaria serious gaps were identified on data available and the knowledge for defining of the Good Environmental Status (GES) with respect to the 11 Descriptors set by MSFD Project aims: • Partially filling the shortage of data by performing investigations in a pilot area – the aquatory between Cape Galata and Cape Emine • Development of the GES definitions on the particular descriptors, actualization of targets for achieving GES and validation of indicators for achieving of targets or for evaluation the distance to GES • Development of proposals for improvement of monitoring programs • Improvement of cooperation between scientific institutes and state administration • Enchancing the technical capacity for monitoring of the marine environment Project results • A total of 12 expeditions were carried out within the scope of the monitoring campaigns of:  Bottom habitats – zoobenthos and seegrases;Phyto and zooplankton, nutrients and oxygen;Ichthyofauna;Marine mammals  1058 samples were planned, collected and analyzed are 1239 samples • Analysis of the data from the monitoring campaigns and archival data carried out • Water Framework Directive and RDMC classification systems have been developed to assess the status of macrosobenthos in national sand subtypes of habitats • Revised threshold for biogenic substances. The results are also applicable under WFD • Analysis of the data from the monitoring campaigns: - of contaminants in the marine environment and contaminants in fish and other seafood within the scope of the IMAMO related project - of marine litter within the scope of the related MARLEN project • Revised and validated Indicators and environmental targets over all Descriptors • Elaborated thresholds for a number of indicators • Enhanced GES definitions on the descriptors • Improved monitoring programs • Delivered field and laboratory equipment improved capacity for monitoring of marine environment. Trought the project Bulgaria is one of the first countries applied the new requirements. The ISMEIMP project has become the main tool to overcome the gaps in the Initial Assessment and the definition of targets and indicators for GES and practically for the overall implementation of the MSFD. It has a key role at national but also at regional level, by sharing the results with the other Black Sea countries


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