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Judicial Capacity Building and Cooperation/Improvement of the efficiency of justice

Norway Grants

Poland (PL16)

Key Facts

A fairer and more efficient judicial system
Programme operator:
Ministry of Justice
Donor programme partner:
Norwegian Courts Administration (DA),
Programme number:
Date of approval:
02 October 2012
In implementation
Total grants amount:
€ 14,000,000.00
From EEA Grants:
From Norway Grants:
€ 14,000,000.00
The projects may be implemented until 2016/2017

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Programme Summary


Why is the programme needed?
The main challenge for the Polish courts is the excessive time it takes to process a case and for the judges to reach a decision. This is caused by inefficient court management, lack of modern electronic systems for case handling and archiving, limited use of alternative dispute resolution and the steadily growing number of cases. The Polish government has noted that even though the country spends more money on the judiciary than most of the remaining EU member states, the result is not a swifter and better judicial system.

What will the programme achieve?

This programme will contribute to reforming the judiciary. The daily work of the judges and court staff shall be easier, and eventually lead to shorter court proceedings. Poland has adopted a new law on court management, which is meant to improve the administration of the court. This programme will support the implementation of this law, but also aims to ensure there is more knowledge and acceptance of alternative methods of dispute resolution, and more support to crime victims and witnesses as well as general information about individual legal rights.

How will it be achieved?

• Purchase of servers for case handling system in courts.
• Upgrade of the technical system for court archives.
• Training on modern methods of court management.
• Support to the running costs of Crime Victims Support Centres.
• Furnishing and equipping child-friendly hearing rooms in courts.
• Awareness-raising campaigns in schools on legal rights and the functioning of the legal system.
• Training on alternative methods of dispute resolution.

How will bilateral relations be strengthened?

A fair, independent and efficient judicial system is crucial for the development of mutual trust and the deepening of cooperation between public and private entities from Poland and Norway.

What are the partnership opportunities?

The Programme has been developed together with the Norwegian Court Administration (DA). DA will take part in the implementation of the programme by sharing its experiences from modern methods of court management, ways of supporting crime victims and witnesses during the court procedure as well as in alternative methods of dispute resolutions.