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Biodiversity and ecosystem services

EEA Grants

Lithuania (LT03)

Key Facts

  • Halt loss of biodiversity
  • Reduced human and ecosystem vulnerability to climate change
Programme operator:
Ministry of Environment
Donor programme partner:
Norwegian Environment Agency (NEA),
Programme number:
Date of approval:
12 April 2013
In implementation
Total grants amount:
€ 6,845,952.00
From EEA Grants:
€ 6,845,952.00
From Norway Grants:
The projects may be implemented until 2016/2017

Calls for proposals

There are no further calls for proposals.

More information

Programme website Overview of projects Programme Agreement EEA Grants Lithuania country page

Programme Agreements, including annexes, are published on the website as signed. Any subsequent amendments are not reflected.


Programme Summary


Why is the programme needed?
Degradation of ecosystem services and the loss of biodiversity is a challenge for Europe. In 2010 the EU Ministers of Environment had to acknowledge that the previous target “to halt the decline of biodiversity in the EU by 2010” had not been met and that biodiversity loss continues at an unacceptable rate. As a response to this, in 2011 the EU Council endorsed a new strategy to halt the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU by 2020. Degradation of ecosystem services and the loss of biodiversity can have serious consequences.

What will the programme achieve?

The overall aim of the aim of the programme is to address the degradation of ecosystem services and contribute to halting the loss of biodiversity in Lithuania. This includes addressing challenges such as the loss and fragmentation of habitats and the spread of invasive alien species, as well as the lack of reliable data, integration of biodiversity aspects into sectoral policies, and the lack of public awareness and education in relation to biodiversity.

How will it be achieved?

The programme is focused on activities relating to ecosystem services and biodiversity, including:

- improvement of knowledge and capacities on species and habitats’ conservation status evaluation;
- building capacities to maintain good status of open habitats with involvement of local communities;
- identification of possible conflicts between wind energy development and biodiversity conservation and development of recommendations for conflict management;
- strengthening functionality of network of ecological corridors;
- identification of climate change impacts on biodiversity, elaboration of adaptation measures; -development of education system for nature conservation.

How will bilateral relations be strengthened?

The programme will foster cooperation between Donor State and Lithuanian entities and will contribute to strengthening bilateral relations in the field of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management is involved in the implementation of the programme. This will further strengthen the co-operation between the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment, the Lithuanian Environmental Protection Agency, the State Service for Protected Areas and the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management.

What are the partnership opportunities?

A call for project proposals will be published during the fourth quarter of 2013. The call is open for bilateral partnership projects, and a fund for seed money to promote bilateral cooperation will be available to promote potential partnerships.

Who can apply for funding under this programme?

Entities registered in Lithuania are eligible to apply as project applicants. The main target group includes local communities, administrations for protected areas, scientific institutions involved in biodiversity conservation and climate change related work, and environmental NGOs. There will be one open call and the project support will be in the range of €290,000 to €1,300,000. The programme also includes three small grant schemes.