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Environmental and Climate Change-related Research and Technology

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Spain (ES02)

Key Facts

Strengthened knowledge base on the environment and climate change and increased application of environmental technology
Programme operator:
Centre for Technological Industrial Development - CDTI
Donor programme partner:
Innovation Norway,
Programme number:
Date of approval:
10 June 2013
Total grants amount:
€ 18,215,000.00
From EEA Grants:
€ 18,215,000.00
From Norway Grants:
The projects may be implemented until 2016/2017

Calls for proposals

There are no further calls for proposals.

More information

Programme website Overview of projects Programme Agreement EEA Grants Spain country page

Programme Agreements, including annexes, are published on the website as signed. Any subsequent amendments are not reflected.


Programme Summary


Why is the programme needed?
The programme will support company driven projects in research and development in the areas of Environmental technologies, Climate Change and energy efficiency and Renewable energies. The programme will contribute in strengthening the knowledge base and increased application of such technologies through the support of projects linking companies and research organisations. The programme is in line with the Spanish and European policies and strategies on energy and climate policy.

What will the programme achieve?
Spain has invested heavily in the development of renewable energies, energy efficiency and in reduction of “green house gases”. This approach has stimulated the growth of a thriving industry in Spain, founded on technological innovation and research and development. The programme will further contribute in this development.

How will it be achieved?
The programme will fund research and development (R&D) projects in the following areas:
• Environmental technologies
• Climate Change and energy efficiency
• Renewable energies
Measures related to hydroelectric, solar, wind and marine energy shall be specifically mentioned in the call.

The grant contribution to projects will be between €26,250 and €750.000 euro. This will be combined with soft loans provided to Spanish promoters and co-financing from participating enterprises due to state aid rules. The total amount of the project budgets will thus be far larger, as the grant amount will only cover around 15 per cent of the total project budgets.

It is expected that the programme will fund 60 enterprises and will include 10 contracts with universities and research centres.

How will bilateral relations be strengthened?
Bilateral partnerships in projects with partners from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway are not mandatory, but will be stimulated. In addition the programme will support sharing of expertise and exchange of best practise between the Programme promoter and similar entities in other programmes and in the Donor countries.

What are the partnership opportunities?
Partnership with EEA research organisations and companies will be mentioned specifically in the open call under the programme, and matchmaking events will be organised.

Who can apply for funding under this programme?
Only Spanish enterprises can be project promoters. Participation from EEA entities, companies or research organisations, will be regulated through a partnership agreement (technology transfer contract) including the rights and obligations of the partners, including intellectual property rights.