Together against environmental crime

In a pioneering initiative of European cooperation, the police forces of Norway and Latvia have teamed up to combat environmental crime through a partnership funded by the EEA and Norway Grants. This collaboration has paved the way for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in the pursuit of safeguarding the environment.

Through a comprehensive training program, Økokrim (the environmental police authority in Norway) is actively engaging representatives from Latvia's prosecution, police, and administration, strengthening the nation's capabilities in preventing and combating environmental crime.  

Photo: Økokrim
During the project's second activity, the participants were on board the KV Nornen where they were presented with the Coast Guard's roles and functions. A drone flight was also carried out over the shipwreck by Blücher in Drøbak to investigate possibilities of oil pollution. Photo: Økokrim


The training encompasses six two-day expert training and learning sessions. Four of these take place in Norway and two in Latvia.

Environmental crimes not only have no respect for country borders, like other organised crime, but the affected spaces include land, air, lakes and our oceans. So the approach to tackle these kinds of criminal offences has to be multifaceted. With this in mind the trainings include expert visits to experts at the Norwegian Environment Agency, the Norwegian Fisheries Directorate, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Coast Guard.

Photo: Økokrim
Head of the environmental foundation Bellona, Frederic Hauge, presented the waste and pollution problem from an NGO point of view. Photo: Økokrim

Currently 4 of the 6 training sessions have taken place and the project is set to conclude early 2024.

Through joint gatherings and insightful discussions, we are not only enhancing Latvia's expertise but building a united front against environmental offenses. This collaboration ensures that both countries' law enforcement agencies gain from shared knowledge, strengthening our common standing in the fight against environmental crime.   Elise Guddal Flo, Chief Police Officer at Økokrim, Section for Environmental Crime.  


Photo: Økokrim
Presentation and tour at the Coastal Agency in Horten. Photo: Økokrim


Improved crime prevention and investigation through cooperation between Police authorities is one of the objectives of the Justice and Home Affairs Priority Sector of the EEA and Norway Grants.

Upon completion, participants will grasp relevant international environmental law, key legal principles, and effective police methods to combat environmental crime. They'll understand coercive measures, cooperation with authorities, and the global impact of environmental crime, vital for safeguarding shared resources. 

For us this is an opportunity to learn best practices from OKOKRIM colleagues. Share with our experience and to show competences for other colleagues from Latvian State bodies. State Police, Central Criminal Police Department, Chief of Unit  

This project is one of many projects related to police cooperation funded by the EEA and Norway Grants. Click here to learn more about Police Cooperation supported by the grants. 

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