Racism is over in Romania!

There is no more racism in Romania! Or that is how the “Racism is Over” campaign tackles the misconception that mistreatment of people is only a thing of the past. However, prejudices and stereotypes still lead to mistreatment, including of Roma people. This is still a challenge in Europe today, including in Romania.

This is why the Împreună (Together) Agency started the project "Knowing the Roma beside us.

 At the heart of "Knowing the Roma beside us" are two powerful video campaigns: "About This Mask" and "Racism is Over." These videos confront the pervasive stereotypes against Roma people. "Racism is Over" employs humour to shed light on the challenges faced by Roma people, urging non-Roma viewers to rethink their preconceptions and to join efforts against racism. Both videos have been meticulously crafted to be shared across social media platforms. 

Racism is over’ wanted to show all the experiences that you have to handle as 
Roma. In brief, it's about facing problems of integration and exclusion as 
an ethnic Roma, just because you are different in someone's eyes. It's 
an enormous question mark about all the preconceptions that we took for 
granted and we perpetuated over the years. Alexandra Tipter, Communcation Manager at Împreună Agency.   


©Împreună (Together) Agency

But the project doesn’t stop at digital outreach!  

The videos have also been integrated into workshops on diversity and inclusion. The project recognised the importance of providing education on equality and non-discrimination from early ages. After creating the videos and education materials, the project team went on a tour visiting schools and universities in Bucharest and Ilfov, engaging students in discussions on diversity and inclusion. The videos have challenged biases and sparked conversations among students. 

To continue the dialogue after the workshops, the project team offer a virtual challenge on TikTok called "Unknown Ethnics". In this virtual challenge, students can engage with the stories of Roma people to learn about Roma culture, language, history to combat prejudices and misconceptions. 

Ar putea fi o imagine cu 4 persoane şi clarinet
©Împreună (Together) Agency

The project also has an Inclusion Ambassador component, and finally an exhibition called ‘The love that breaks down the walls’. The exhibition celebrates the achievements of Roma people across various fields. Through photographs and personal stories, it illuminates the resilience and triumphs of the Roma community. The EEA and Norway Grants is happy to highlight the resilience and triumphs as well in honour of the International Roma Day.