Programme agreement signed for the Local development programme in Cyprus

The programme agreement for the Cypriot Local development programme was signed on 29 June 2020

Photo credit: Christophe Vander Eecken

Key information about the programme

  1. The programme is operated by: Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development
  2. The programme’s objective is: strengthened social and economic cohesion
  3. The programme funding amounts to € 7,1 million (excluding co-financing) and is funded by the EEA (€ 2,7 million) and Norway Grants (€ 4,4 million)

Why is the programme needed?

Cyprus is facing various challenges, such as inefficient waste management, poor environmental performance, rapidly ageing society, limited access to healthcare as well as social and welfare services.

To address these challenges and further enhance social cohesion and economic growth in Cyprus, the Local development and poverty reduction programme, based on multi-sectoral approach, has been designed to help address challenges in environment, climate change, health and social sectors. More specifically, the programme aims to contribute to improving the waste management system, mitigating climate change effects, enhancing social inclusion, developing new practices for disease prevention, improving public health and reducing health inequalities.

Additionally, the programme aims to contribute to the promotion of bi-communal cooperation.

What will the programme achieve and who are the beneficiaries?

The programme is composed of 12 pre-defined projects to be implemented in four areas:

  • Climate change and environment: Three projects in this area will focus on reduction of hazardous waste through awareness-raising and increased availability of proper waste collection and management; reduction of risks and damage caused by wildfires through enhancing the capabilities of the Department of Forests and raising the public awareness on the danger of forest fires ; and collecting new scientific data on air pollution in Cyprus.
  • Health: Three projects in this area will focus on establishing a centre for children and adolescents with neuro-development disorders; developing new infrastructure for conducting functional studies related to various diseases; and supporting the establishment of childhood cancer diagnostic laboratory.
  • Local development and social services: Five projects in this area will focus on the creation of a gastronomy training centre; digitising movable antiquities stored in the Cyprus museum and exhibited in the other governmental museums in Cyprus; building and operating a multifunctional community centre and providing services for people with special needs and their families; creation of reception facilities for migrant children; and establishing a Solidarity Network Hub providing services to the most deprived communities in Nicosia.
  • Good governance: One project in this area will focus on increasing awareness of the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and encouraging businesses to adopt these in their activities.

The main beneficiaries of the programme are the general public, with emphasis on children and vulnerable groups at risk, researchers, students and people living in urban and rural areas.

How will the programme strengthen bilateral relations?

The programme will contribute to strengthening bilateral relations between Cyprus and the Donor countries under predefined projects in line with the overall objectives of the Grants. The bilateral partnerships, taking in forms of exchange of knowledge, best practices, etc., aim to result in mutually beneficial activities and long-lasting cooperation between involved partners.

Download the full programme agreement for more detailed information about the programme

More information can also be found on the Programme Operator’s website.