Media Grants available

We provide Media Grants to journalists, bloggers and photographers. 


We provide Media Grants to journalists, bloggers and photographers. 

The Financial Mechanism Office (FMO) provides Media Grants to media outlets, journalists, bloggers and/or photographers interested in publishing stories about key areas of support for the EEA and Norway Grants.

The aim is to ensure a broadest possible dissemination, or targeted dissemination towards relevant groups in society about areas supported by the EEA and Norway Grants. Media Grants are made available in order to participate at relevant events, to visit funded programmes and / or projects, or other activities of relevance in the beneficiary or donor countries of the EEA and Norway Grants.

See our events calendar for upcoming events.

Applicants should have relevant experience and provide CVs. A standard application form must be filled in in order to provide information on the reason for applying for funding and the objective of the travel. The applicant must have an agreement to publish through a media outlet. Applicants must be legal citizens or entities in the European Economic Area. The FMO shall strive to ensure variety when it comes to media channels, geographical outreach and social outreach. The FMO shall also strive to ensure gender balance among its grantees.

Recipients of our Media Grants must provide a short report within one month of the travel, including information on the material produced, publication channels (including links if possible) and how the grant was spent. A one page standard report is made available. The FMO reserves the right to make publicly available names of applicants, applications and reports.

The total amount of Media Grants made available until December 2015 is EUR 10,000. The upper limit for each grant is EUR 1,000. The Media Grants may cover costs for travel, accommodation and daily subsistence. Unused funds shall be returned to the FMO.

As we have a number of upcoming events which may be of interest to journalists, bloggers and photographers, we have not set a deadline. Applications will be assessed one by one as they are submitted. As we select and provide funding we will publish the results. An applicant should receive a response within two weeks.

For downloading:

Application template

Report template

Applications and questions shall be submitted to:

Lillann Weggersen, Senior Communications Adviser, Financial Mechanism Office,