Expanding horizons through exchange

Tereza Češková is a Ph.D. student of Educational Science at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University in Brno.  She is likewise one of the around 130 Czech students participating in exchange studies with support through the Grants.


In her doctoral research Češková’s examines science lessons in primary education – with a particular focus on learning situations that develop problem-solving competences among children. With support from the Czech ‘Bilateral Scholarship’ Programme, she brought her research to the University of Agder in Kristiansand. Read more about her experiences below:

What reasons did you have for choosing the host institution in Norway?

It was my contact person at the institution in the first place, she is an expert in the field of my thesis.

Where did you find out about the possibility of using the EEA and Norway Grants?

I read the Newsletter of the Centre international cooperation at the Masaryk University.

How do you evaluate the benefits of your stay from personal and professional point of view? Can you name the specific knowledge, skills and experience you have gained thanks to your stay?

The stay was particularly helpful in the areas of research – I presented and discussed some parts of my doctoral thesis, research design and methods. On a personal level I appreciate especially the contacts that I gained, and which, I believe, will be further developed in the future cooperation between our institutions.

What differences do you see in teaching (the organisation, quality, access to students, etc.) at a university abroad, compared with teaching at a university in the Czech Republic?

The position of PhD student is in many respects unique, it is a more open approach, I was literally part of the workplace with all events, tasks and meetings. I attended seminars for students only exceptionally. I did not find significant differences compared to our system with the exception of finances.

Describe the care of international students during your stay. Who ensures it? Did you take advantage of it?

On the side of the university, there was a problem that my stay was short, so I had to arrange accommodation by myself. During my stay, however, I attended various events, presentations, meetings and seminars, research groups, of which I was informed by individual members of the department.

Please describe the strongest experience of your stay.

It was a visit to a local elementary school - its rules and practices are completely different compared to our system in the Czech Republic.

Would you recommend a stay to your friends, colleagues in the Czech Republic? Why?

I definitely would recommend it. It is always very valuable to see how things work abroad and discuss topics with people completely out of our context.

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