Conference: Nordic - Baltic Energy Perspectives. Climate Change, Energy Security and Exportability of Energy Solutions

April19 - 202017
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The Nordic-Baltic conference will be a follow-up to the 8th February conference, held at the President’s Castle. The goal of the conference is strengthened joint vision of the Baltic and Nordic countries in terms of energy security, cybersecurity, market governance, as well as increased awareness of how renewable energy resources will impact the energy playground within climate change regulatory framework.Taking into account the relevance of the topic, the conference aims to identify energy security challenges, and set vision for the future energy cooperation development between Baltic and Nordic regions, as well as consider exportability of energy solutions to Central Asia. This B2B matchmaking event will serve as a platform to develop business relationships for market development in the Baltic states and further east towards Central Asia.Read more about the 'Adaptation to climate change' programme in Latvia.Read more about the EEA and Norway Grants to Latvia.