Conference Connected: Discussing rising challenges to human rights

December07 - 092016
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In the time of growing extremism and radicalisation of our societies, human rights are increasingly being challenged. False information about ethnic minorities is being spread through media channels. Access to education is already restricted for many minorities. Government policies must serve as tools for the protection of human rights. It is imperative to discuss how to use the different channels of society, media, academia and government, to build a stronger foundation for the protection of basic human rights.Through this conference there is an opportunity to connect people, organisations and governmental sectors under the umbrella of human rights. This will be the last activity within the program period 2009 -2014 in partnership with Norwegian embassy, under the auspices of Public defender of Human Rights and other respected partners.Among the speakers are representatives from the Slovakian Ministry of Education, Save the Children and the Ombudsman to Slovakia. Download the programmeRead more about the 'Funds for Non-Governmental organisations' programme in Slovakia