Conference and matchmaking: Blue Growth

May222019 - 2015
Blue Growth Conference and Matchmaking
The main target groups are European companies planning on developing projects in the realm of the blue economy, including the application of innovative research-driven technology and processes. These companies should be registered in Croatia, Greece, Poland, Portugal or Romania, as potential applicants and partners for one of the EEA and Norway Grants business programmes. In addition, the event is open to Norwegian and Icelandic suppliers or developers of technologies or processes, as well as research institutes within Blue Growth / Ocean Space.Examples of relevant project topics for projects eligible under the EEA and Norway Grants are:
  • Technologies and solutions for fisheries/aquaculture (development of innovative products and technologies in fisheries/fish farming sector);
  • Ocean renewable energy sector;
  • Maritime industry, including maritime transports technologies;
  • Off-shore infrastructures;
  • Robotics related to marine and maritime technologies;
  • Technologies for deep sea resources and mapping;
  • Shipbuilding and shipping (development of innovative products and technologies) ;
  • Blue biotechnology and environmental monitoring and surveillance activities; and
  • Innovative products and technologies which are already available in the market, or to develop new ones, that use marine litter as raw material.
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