Bergen to Bratislava: Knowledge and Human Capital Exchange

Project facts

Project promoter:
Comenius University in Bratislava(SK)
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In implementation
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Donor Project Partners:
University of Bergen(NO)

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The project ‘Bergen to Bratislava: knowledge and human capital exchange’ focuses on bilateral cooperation between the Applicant and the Partner in order to support the educational, academic, and professional development of students, teachers and researchers of both Parties, as well as the administrative staff of the Applicant. The project aims to increase the international cooperation potential of both Parties, which reflects the globalization trends within the academic community. The development of human and knowledge capital of both Parties will be based on mutual, bilateral cooperation and on the creation of avenues for knowledge transfer and mobilities. The direct cooperation of DG/UiB and IPP will be an opportunity for pedagogical and scientific development in the field of public policy, including public policy related to social and green topics, leading to impacts on policy-making as described in the main focus area of the project. Gender equality is already relevant during the creation of the plan and activities - there was a focus of at least 50% involvement of women in all of the activities and mobilities that are part of this project. Gender equality and Roma inclusion and empowerment will also be factors considered in setting up selection criteria by both universities in case of mobilities.


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