Micro Pirana

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ROEZ, s.r.o.(SK)
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In implementation
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Other Project Partners
ROEZ R&D s.r.o.(SK)

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The aim of the project is to use  waste heat for the production of green electricity and its further use to reduce the resulting temperature released into the air. With the successful implementation of the project, it is expected to create a product that will be small & smart and usable for a wide range of applications, especially in industry, or in the future in other sectors. This device will be built on the use of the Organic Rankine Cycle and can operate efficiently in the expected range of waste heat temperatures of 70-150 °C. Thanks to fuel-free operation, it is emission-free electricity production. Similar devices already exist, but achieving a financial return from the production of 1 kW(e) would mean a significant expansion of the possibilities of using such a device.

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