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Asseco Solutions a.s.(SK)
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In implementation
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ICB Digital AS(NO)

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ERP - enterprise resource planning is an internal software information system for managing and coordinating all resources, workplaces and functions of the business sphere through shared data repositories. ERP solution is the backbone of each company, and performance, effectiveness, automation are part of ERP, mobility and accessibility are benefits of online world. Community ERP in the cloud will enhance these benefits, because it will offer additional ways to do business between companies not only across the country, but worldwide.

 The key aspect of green solutions is the creation of a "paperless" environment, where companies and their clients'' exchange and sign documents electronically, and also use the process of an automatic accountant, in which manual and semi-automated operations in the accounting department are significantly dismantled. Part of that is the set of devices integrated with mobile software for food quality management in chillouts, retail operations, and manufacturing intended for direct consumption. The project counts with solutions for processing and publishing food quality based on image recognition of the food look. The environmental condition for the food storage must meet the condition of the manufacturer. Part of that project topic is to use computer vision and artificial intelligence to automatically detect and recognize person''s age group, gender, human body measures, proportions, and other specific personal characteristics. Final solution is split into several phases of project. Each of the phase is in different TLR. For this project they would like deliver the phase 2 and 3 into the TLR 5 for the recognition of packaging quality, document extraction into TLR 6 and neural networks over the data from which the SW is to be learned into TLR 7.

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