Cities in the Enlarged European Area: Joint Development of Capacities of Public Institutions by Slovak-Ukrainian Cross-border Cooperation and Improving Integrity in Public Affairs (CEEA)

Project facts

Project promoter:
Municipality of Košice(SK)
Project Number:
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
Norwegian Research Center AS(NO)
Other Project Partners
Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences Slovak Academy of Sciences(SK)
Department for international cooperation and innovations of Uzhgorod city council(UA)
International cooperation department of Kharkiv City Council(UA)


The project focuses on good governance, accountable institutions and transparency, capacity building on the Ukrainian side as well as specific areas of business infrastructure development, and the vision of socially coherent and environmentally and climate-friendly cities.  In cooperation with the Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the project activities will support analytical capacities, document best practices, and transfer knowledge from theory to practice, which will be beneficial to and applied by the project partners in Slovakia and Ukraine. The aim of the project is to achieve increased integrity and accountability of public administrations in Slovakia and Ukraine, the development of cross-border institutional cooperation, the promotion and creation of new networks and partnerships aimed at the rapprochement of Ukraine to Europe and to establish long-term and sustainable cooperation between public institutions, especially in the affected regions of Slovakia and Ukraine. Moreover, through cooperation in specific areas of business infrastructure development and pursuing the vision of socially coherent and environmentally and climate-friendly cities, we will focus on capacity building and support for long-term sustainable urban development. The following activities are planned: to develop cross-border institutional cooperation between public institutions in the area of good governance, to raise awareness and build capacities at Slovak and Ukrainian public institutions, to improve the awareness of Uzhhorod and Kharkiv public servants in Ukraine about the transparency of public administration, good governance, to transfer knowledge and exchange experience in terms of climate and environmental policies,  to transfer knowledge and exchange experience in the field of social economy. Bilateral cooperation: The involvement of the Norwegian partner will help to transfer best practices from the field of regional cooperation.

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