Fostering Gender Equality and Worklife Balance in Slovakia

Project facts

Project promoter:
Slovak National Centre for Human Rights(SK)
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In implementation
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Other Project Partners
Freedom of Choice(SK)


The project addresses the challenges by the set of interconnected activities. It consists of capacity building activities for experts (e.g. policy makers, non-governmental organisations, representatives of vulnerable communities, independent human rights bodies), awareness raising activities targeting employees and employers, educational activities for pupils and students (paying special attention to pupils and students belonging to Roma communities) and last but not least awareness raising activities targeting general population. The activities deliver multiple expert events such as conference and seminar, communication campaigns, series of lectures for pupils and students, public discussions and sensitising programme for employees and employers. The main aim of these interconnected measures is to battle the misinformation on gender equality and to increase the enjoyment of gender equality not only by the majority population but also by vulnerable groups, such as Roma.

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