Rising with Culture

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Project promoter:
Open the Yard(SK)
Project Number:
In implementation
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Donor Project Partners:
Hausmania SA(NO)
Kulturfjøset Huser(NO)

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The project reflects music, theatre, literature, and visual art experience tackling issues with minorities discrimination. Alongside with performances themselves project will focus on interactively approached discussions with participants on both sides (artists and audience). The project opens the interconnection of audiences and artists in performances to multiply and accelerate the both-way transition of experience connected with intolerance and extremist acts. Through the organization of planned cultural (and educational) events - with a special emphasis on discussions between participants / actors and the audience - the project seeks to raise awareness of the problems and difficulties faced by marginalized Roma groups. Project partners organize a series of events, e.g. workshops and concerts with Norwegian artists who will contribute not only through artistic expression, but also participate in a discussion with the audience on relevant exchange topics.

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