Bibliodiversity - Supporting Small Independent Book Publishers

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Bibliodiversity is cultural diversity applied to the world of books. Echoing biodiversity refers to the critical diversity of products (books, scripts, eBooks, apps, and oral literature) made available to readers. Bibliodiversity is a complex, self-sustaining system of storytelling, writing, publishing, and other kinds of production of oral and written literature. The goals of the project are to continue with the tradition of a unique festival of small book publishers, to establish cooperation with the Norwegian publishing house(s) and exchange experiences in the field of business and advocacy strategies, to strengthen cooperation between small, independent publishing houses and to reach new types of audiences. To fulfil these goals the project consists of activities such as the Bratislava Book Festival, a study trip to Norway, presentation of Slovak literature in Norway, presentations of publishers at various events and the guild of small publishers. The Norwegian partner Solum Bokvennen contributes with translations BRAK’s original book Únos (Escape), preparation of special issue of its newspaper BLA - Bokvennen Litterær Avis about Slovak literature, a programme of Study Trip and attendance on BRaK festivals with other Norwegian publishers and cultural experts. 
Social responsibility, gender and anti-discrimination are significantly reflected in the whole dramaturgy of the festival. The programme reflects serious topics covered by writers and speakers who are strongly engaged in civil movements. 

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