Pohoda - keeping up the freedom

Project facts

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Pohoda festival, s.r.o.(SK)
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In implementation
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Donor Project Partners:
Iceland Music(IS)


Pohoda festival is a celebration of freedom and tolerance. It creates space for art, but it also has an ambition to be a work of art itself. The festival not only aims to promote the art but also helps to create new art by motivating artist to create new festival artworks which is a very strong element in the unique festival´s atmosphere. Project is planned to run for 2 years, and to present 2 editions of each event. Every event will bring several activities that aim at building new audiences and creating support to values important to healthy and well-functioning democracy. At the center of the activities in the project is the persona of Juraj Kušnierik, ativist, journalist and life optimist who was also great admirer and propagator of Iceland and its culture. This project is tribute to Juraj Kušnierik as he was the embodiment of how we can move forward without regarding the past and present as suboptimal and the future as the only place we can be better. The project will include events, such as Concert for Martina and Ján, Café Kušnierik at Pohoda festival, and Concert for attentive. The collaboration with the Iceland Music is crucial element of the project, because it develops the base for paying tribute to Juraj Kušnieirk who was avid admirer of Iceland, its music and culture. 

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