Raising awareness of climate change mitigation and adaptation among pupils, school employees and local public by benefiting from renewable natural resources

Project facts

Project promoter:
Primary School of Samo Cambel, Slovenská Ľupča(SK)
Project Number:
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Other Project Partners
Municipal forest enterprise(SK)
Technical University in Zvolen(SK)

More information


The outcome of the Project will be an increased awareness of pupils as well as general public about climate change mitigation and adaptation. This will be reached by theoretical education and by specific technical measures in the school premises.

Within the Project the following soft measures will be implemented:

- The subject “Environmental education” - the subject will be taught by experienced teachers educated and skilled within environmental protection,

- Peer teaching, discussions, seminars about nature protection and climate change,

- Discussions and seminars for pupils’ parents and public organised by the school. They would reflect their consumer lifestyle and follow the pupils’ example in their homes.

Soft activities will be accompanied by the following hard measures:

- Building of a system of rainwater collection which will be used for flushing the toilets,

- Building of a system of collecting the rainwater which will be used for irrigation outdoors,

- Building of a rain garden in order to demonstrate the sustainable water management in prospect of climate change,

- Placement of solar lamps in the school premises,

-  Building of a wind-powered turbine to reduce the electricity consumption.

The two Slovak Project Partners are involved in the Project: The Technical University of Zvolen and Municipal forest enterprise, both participating in soft activities.