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Primary Special School, Partizánske(SK)
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In implementation
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The Project is carried out in the school where are taught children with special disabilities, coming from a socially low-income environment and marginalized Roma groups.

The Project would like to enrich the pleasant environment in the school by their green activities where various competitions, lectures and meetings with other schools take place. The Project is focuses on simple tasks, primarily manual and teaching to live a real life.

The aim is to increase the pupils possibilities in the next professional life after finishing elementary school and shifting information not only to their parents but later also to the next generations.

Project activities are the following:

  • Curriculum with environmental issues – worksheets focused on observation, active gathering of information, evaluation and selfjudgment will be elaborated,
  • Educational material,
  • Reduction of waste generation providing sorting bins for each class,
  • Ecopedagogical equipment (raised pots and purpose gardens) - greenery care will be carried out by pupils under the guidance of educators. Containers with greenery and labels will form the basis for the application of soft measures - activating teaching methods,
  • Educational environment,
  • Green interior directly linked to soft measures: activating teaching methods (curriculum updating) and creating educational materials.