We want to grow healthy

Project facts

Project promoter:
Joint Boarding School, Považská Bystrica(SK)
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In implementation
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Project is focused on creation of environment that will systematically lead children to develop the right habits and teach them to perceive climate change at school and to realize the consequences of human behaviour towards the Earth and show them how to start with change from ourselves.

Main activities of the Project are the following:

  • School curriculum update focused on environmental education to teach the children the right value ladder that will make them accountable for their own actions, acquire the ability to evaluate and adapt their routine habits to the climate changes,
  • Creating an ecocreative space – that will intuitively lead children to care for nature and naturally ecological behaviour. All sections will motivate to explore, discuss, gain information, evaluate, seek solutions, implement them in practical life, monitor and evaluate,
  • Raised flower beds, weather station, arboretum,
  • Educational jungle gym,
  • Excursions,
  • Solar system – an energy saving activity interconnected with enhancing physical mitigation and adaptation measures.

All activities will be based on practical exploration and knowledge.