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Primary School Bieloruská, Bratislava(SK)
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In implementation
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The aim of the Project is to create an environment at school that will systematically lead children to develop the right habits and teach them to perceive climate change, the consequences of human behaviour towards the Earth and have started to change from themselves.

The second step will be to orient the change in thinking and behaviour to our surroundings and to share the acquired attitudes and habits.

The ambition of the Project is to improve the school environment and the teaching process. The intention is, that students will feel comfortable in the school and perceive it as a modern, keeping up with current trends, active, bringing innovation and space for development.

The Project combines the following soft and hard measures:  

- Updating the curriculum to incorporate Environmental issues,

-Material and organizational provision of teaching,

- Building a gazebo for the ecological classroom,

-Building an Eco-pedagogical jungle gym,

-Water retention measures (pots with water collecting containers),

-Increasing the proportion of greenery,

-Educational materials,

-Publicity and awareness raising activities.

Students, parents, siblings, grandparents will benefit from the results of the Project.