Green Norway Tilgnerka

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Primary and Secondary School Tilgnerova, Bratislava(SK)
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In implementation
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The Project is crucial in eliminating of climate change impacts in the school premises and the outer space. The Project builds on previous activities on climate change adaptation, incl. the Project “Blue School”. In the Project, a combination of soft and hard measures is planned in order to raise the awareness on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Soft measures: 

  • Revising parts of curricula of existing subjects (implementing topics of climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation),
  • Elaborating worksheets,
  • Installing appliances for measuring the water quality (conductometer, PH metres etc.),
  • Promotional and educational materials on recycling in cooperation with the collection and disposal waste company OLO,
  • Raising awareness on climate change mitigation and adaptation (events, e.g. voluntary work, discussions, presentations, lectures, workshops, exhibitions within the school).        


Hard measures: 

  • Greenery ratio increase (planting utility plants, planting fruit trees, trees revitalisation),
  • Waste production decrease (installing collection containers),
  • Building ecoeducational areas (herb gardens, bio-gardens using rain water irrigation system),
  • Support of suitable microclimate for students (fountain),
  • Water retention measures (installing surface collection containers for rain water),
  • Decrease of vulnerability of soil against longterm droughts (planting ground-covering plants), 
  • Infiltration capacity increase (removing concrete areas by permeable semivegetative blocks).

The Project aim is to carry on with improving the school and local environment fluently and raising the awareness of the mentioned environmental issues of not only students but the entire local community directly.