E.AR.TH Environmetal and Regulated Thinking

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Project promoter:
Primary School of Júlia Bilčíková, Budkovce(SK)
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In implementation
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The intention of the Project is to replace the formality of education by less formal education, supported by sensitive guidance, practical experience, and observation of natural patterns and phenomena, by developing the ability to express one''s opinion and attitude within the environment.

Within the Project, new educational materials on adaptation to climate change will be develop.  Together with the existing environmental program, a separate educational course K.E.R. (Environmental Development Course) will be created. This course will be a part of the school educational curriculum as a cross-education integration.

In synergy with the mentioned of soft measures and awareness activities for public, the following hard, technical measures will be carried out:   

  • Creating a vertical garden;
  • Planting fruit trees;
  • Building an insect hotel;
  • Building a compost pile.

The E.AR.TH Project will primarily focus on pupils of the Primary School of Julia Bilčíková in the Municipality of Budkovce. Pupils from cooperating schools - Primary School with Kindergarten M. Hella in the Municipality of Štiavnické Bane and 5 selected schools within the district of Michalovce will benefit from the Project results as well.