ECO GYMSU: Raising awareness of mitigation and adaption to climate change in the educational process at school

Project facts

Project promoter:
Secondary Grammar School, Šurany(SK)
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In implementation
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Other Project Partners
Primary school
Bernolákova 35

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The main Project output is to carry out raising activities on climate change mitigation and adaptation including awareness raising campaigns and physical climate change responsive measures. The Project is needed to increase the knowledge of students about protecting the environment with more specific focus on the context of climate change mitigation and adaptation. In addition, the unused areas in the school campus will be revitalized and used in the environmental education.

The Project aims to increase awareness raising on climate change mitigation and adaptation among students through the implementation of the following soft and hard measures: 

  • Creation of educational material to ensure the teaching of pupils in the area of mitigation and adaptation to climate change (new subject Environmental education),
  • Updating educational materials to ensure that pupils are trained in mitigation and adaptation to climate change and creating workbooks (updating the content of the courses English, Ethics, Chemistry, Geography, Physics and Biology),
  • Increasing the proportion of greenery (creation of planting beds, park with greenery with lower demands on irrigation), 
  • Reduction of waste generation and its further use (installation of big bins for separating waste outside in the school yard),
  • Creation of Eco classroom with the use of natural and technical elements (including conference part with greenery covering the wall and the roof),
  • Creation of miniarboretum and information panels
  • Installation of a subsurface rainwater collection vessel and irrigation system (installation of subsurface rainwater tank, irrigation system, monitoring of rainfall),
  • Informing the public (posters, workshops, conferences, leaflets, discussions).

The cooperation with the Slovak Project Partner – the Primary School in the City of Šurany includes practical use of the eco-classroom in the education process as well as information activities within the awareness raising campaign.