With Demagogue Against Demagoguery Among Young People

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Inštitút pre dobre spravovanú spoločnosť(SK)
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Modern technologies and the information revolution have not only made access to knowledge more effective, but have also encouraged the spread of disinformation. The World Economic Forum has identified misinformation as one of the most pressing issues in the world. In Slovakia, surveys have repeatedly shown that young people tend to choose extremist parties that base their rhetoric on misinformation. In the 2018 Youth Report, the Ministry of Education ranks citizenship education and critical thinking among the main challenges. Several studies show that it is false information that is reaching more and more people and is affecting election results. At the same time, a well-functioning democracy requires voters to be properly informed. Overall, there is an increasing demand for factual check of content, which in reality is reflected in a significant increase in fact-checker initiatives focused on statements in political debates. Demagog.sk is the first and still the only platform for verifying facts with a reliable methodology in the Slovak Republic, which permanently publishes the outputs - more than 15,000 verified statements of more than 300 politicians in 10 years.  The aim of the project is to work with youth – 1) strengthening civic engagement through a 12-week internship in Demagóg.sk with professional leadership, during which they would verify the statements of politicians and 2) completing a series of workshops (basics of political system; critical thinking; searching and verifying information writing professional texts with the right source). Based on the experience, observations of trainees and PISA requirements,  there will be created a model of a lesson focused on critical thinking for the State Pedagogical Institute. The project will be beneficial for the whole society in Slovakia, but especially for young people who will also be directly involved in the activities.