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Sólheimar Eco-village(IS)


The SOSNA is currently the only functional facility of its kind in eastern Slovakia. The Ecocentre, The Hobbit House and the Natural Garden are used for programs focused mainly on enviro education, courses and festivals. However, the biggest problem at present is the insufficient capacity of the organization. The current programs ensure the payment of all operating costs of the ecocentre and thus ensure partial financial self-sufficiency. Despite the skills of the employees and the quality of their services, the organization needs to gain inspiration in the field of enviro education and it also needs new people to revive and improve the offer of the programs so that they respond to domestic and global problems and needs in a sufficiently attractive way. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the competencies, acquire new skills and implement strategic changes in the organization. Another area that the organization needs to strengthen is cooperation with universities and informal clusters.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the human and program capacity of the SOSNA and to ensure long-term financial and personnel sustainability of the organization. The new strategy, based on expanding the range of services and involving external trainers, will make it possible to build partnerships with key sectors aimed at implementing joint environmental programs, projects and initiatives.

The role of the Icelandic project partner is to shift its know-how in environmental and social activities in rural areas. communities, in the field of volunteer development, garden therapy work, as well as the financial sustainability of the organization. The partner will prepare a study tour program for SOSNY representatives, focused on the presentation of best practices in Iceland and will ensure the organization of this event.

The project will be beneficial for the organization itself, for friendly universities, municipalities, students, teachers.