CTeachers (Critically Thinking, Culturally Sensitive & Conscious Teachers)

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o.z. eduRoma - Roma Education Project(SK)
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In implementation
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Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica(SK)


The project responds to the long-term unresolved situation of schools in providing a kind of counseling and quality training of teachers which prevents segregation in education. It connects formal and informal system of in-service teacher education and supports internal capacity of state and academic institutions through an educational and counseling program tailored to counselors, teachers and methodologists to effectively prevent school failures in their own practice and as future lecturers.

The primary target group of this project are practitioners, methodologists and teachers'' counselors in the field of professional development, working in regions with the highest proportion of Roma living in a socially determined environment, marginalization and at the same time in regions with the highest proportion of school failure of children and youth.

Targeted recruitment will create a group of 15-20 participants who have the potential to influence educational practice and the potential to become teachers of educational and counseling module focused on professional development of teachers, elimination of prejudices and stereotypes, prevention of hatred, strengthening critical thinking and cultural sensitization.

With the involvement of a partner from an educational institution (university), a model of education and guidance for teachers will be created.

Projected topics of training modules: racism and stereotypes towards minorities, professional development of teachers, inclusion and equal opportunities in education, critical thinking, importance of a stimulating environment in early childhood, multicultural competences, cultural sensitization, working with diversity in the educational environment.

Small awareness campaigns will be also a part of the project.

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