Organizational grant for Today is a new day, Institute for other studies

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Today is a new day, Institute for other studies(SI)
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In implementation
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Today is a New Day (DJND) are committed to promoting active participation, developing civil society and dialogue on public affairs, protecting and expanding the public good, recognizing the unsustainability of capitalist processes and speaking in favor of the need to transform the socio-political system for the benefit of society and nature. With the innovative use of web technologies, critical thinking, and good message design they create projects for various stakeholders – citizens, journalists, NGOs, politicians. The needs that the organization addresses come from the current political situation and in generally in the need to cultivate critical thought.

They regularly cooperate with the public, Slovenian and foreign NGOs, civil society organizations and the media. The Institute has the status of a NGO operating in the public interest in the field of the development of the information society. Thus, apart from them, the civil society and before mentioned organizations will benefit from this grant.

The expected result of this gran is, that in the next three years they will increase the monitoring of the work of decision-makers and increase public involvement in decision-making processes by developing online tools and educating NGOs and the media. They will equip the public with the knowledge, understanding and tools needed to identify false and misleading information and media manipulation online.

They want to create a stimulating working environment for their co-workers and recruit new volunteers. By establishing a system of long-term financial planning, they want to ensure stable financial conditions for institutional functioning and the projects that do not depend on calls for proposals.

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