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Slovenian Instructors Association - Centre for Guide dogs and Assistance Dogs CANIS(SI)
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During the covid epidemic there were no guidelines for people with dissabilities who had an assisstante dog and what happens when their owners get infected with Covid-19. During the project this guidelines will be developed and will provide concrete tips and information on how to make sure the dogs get their daily walks while not endangering thier walkers. The beneficiary will provide instructions for the preparation of dogs to be hand over to the walkers as well as raise awarnes of decision-makers to think about dog owners (and specially disabled dog owners) when preparing rules and restrictions connected with Covid-19 epidemic.

Summary of project results

On October 19th 2020 in Slovenia for the second time COVID-19 epidemic was declared.  There was still a lot of unknown regarding coronavirus transfer, especially from human to dog and vice verse. That is why researches, which will clarify ways of infection, persistence of the virus in environment and modes of action of the virus, are very important. To get the knowledge of how to deal with the dogs, which are living with infected persons, we addressed Veterinary Faculty Ljubljana. The aim of the project was to help invalid persons, who are hospitalized or in quarantine due to coronavirus and have an assistance dog or a pet dog. 

Results achieved in the project include:

C1. Increased awareness (of the marginal) role of disabled people with assistance dogs during a pandemic, their rights are overlooked, the unequal situation

C2. Enhanced awareness, organizational, professional and advocacy skills (NGOs) to address the needs of people with disabilities during a pandemic

C3. Encouraged participation of citizens (volunteers) and organizations in advocacy activities

C5. Increased support for people with disabilities during a pandemic


One result was only partially achieved:

C4. Enhanced regional cooperation - due to Covid measures, regional cooperation has failed to a large extent, however activities will continue after the completion of the project

C6. Raising the profile of disabled people with helper dogs during the pandemic in local / regional policy-making - partially successful but activities to achieve this goal will continue after the completion of the project

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