Carinthian Democratic Station

Project facts

Project promoter:
raum AU, Non-governmental organisation in public interest(SI)
Project Number:
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
Other Project Partners
Gymnasium Slovenj Gradec(SI)
PUM-o Slovenj Gradec
Youth centre Dravograd(SI)
Youth Council Slovenj Gradec(SI)

More information


The project is needed because it promotes the development of democratic political culture and participation in socio-political processes of the local communities, which will be achieved through intensive engagement and credible information, taking into account the democratic values of respect, fairness, responsibility and solidarity.

In particular, the project focuses on providing a supportive environment for NGOs and contributes to improving the strategic position of NGOs in the Charintia region, which will enhance NGOs'' awareness and overall capacity to meet the needs of the entire society, organizational, professional and advocacy skills, promote cross-sectoral cooperation and their optimal development.
The target group includes, in addition to NGOs, young people and representatives of vulnerable groups.

The expected results of the project are:
- Increased awareness of citizens and NGOs in the Carinthian region
- Strengthened organizational, professional and advocacy skills of NGOs
- Enhanced cross-sectoral NGO cooperation and cooperation to address local needs
- More policies and initiatives NGO''s
- Increased participation of citizens and NGOs in socio-political processes
- More empowered, consciously emancipated citizens and NGO''s

Activities to achieve results are:
- Targeted information
- Education and vocational training
- Identification of needs and joint design of solutions
- Promoting involvement in the formulation and implementation of public policies
- Promoting civil dialogue and advocacy processes
- Networking and cooperation between NGOs and among others
- Promotional activities and outreach to increase NGO visibility

The project will be carried out by:
- raum AU, applicant
- PUM-o Slovenj Gradec, project partner
- Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec, project partner
- Mladinski Svet Slovenj Gradec, project partner
- Mladinski Center Dravograd, project partner

Summary of project results

Democratic Station Koroška has encourage citizens to be actively involved in democratic processes, thereby contributing to the flourishing of a healthy democratic society at all levels of decision-making.

The Raum AU association opened an office where they had provided indivisual support to citizens when facing issues when participating in democratic processes. The office was openned for all citizens who wanted to obtain various permits, write letters or submit proposals to decision-makers, organize events, or those who need help in interpreting the laws.

Citizens seeking help were assisted by experts from a variety of fields – from sociology, education and law to culture, engineering, etc. In addition to solving individual problems, the project also entailed organized discussions, round tables, exhibitions and media campaigns, all of which raised public awareness about the importance of active involvement in socio-political processes, resulting in enhanced dialogue with local governement and increased possiblities of long-term financial support of such endavours.

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