Combating hate crimes and violent extremism, particularly against Roma population, and increasing the quality of police service

Project facts

Project promoter:
General Inspectorate of Romanian Police(RO)
Project Number:
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) of Norway(NO)
National Police Directorate(NO)
Norwegian Police University College(NO)
Oslo Police District(NO)
Other Project Partners
Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe(AT)

More information


The project addresses the main problems with hate crimes and violent extremism, particularly against Roma. The project will enhance the cooperation between law enforcement authorities and non-governmental organisations. International best practices and expertise regarding prevention and countering hate crimes will be transferred to Romania, through cooperation with the Norwegian University Police College and Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. 

The project will, inter alia, include the following main activities: 

- Capacity building and transfer of knowledge through training seminars and workshops; 
- Awareness raising and anti-victimization campaigns targeting both specialized audience and the general public;
- Establishment of an anti-hate crime unit within the Romanian police, 

- Provision of identity registration to undocumented persons in the Roma population; 
- Drafting legal procedures related to police accountability and 
- Measures to increase access to basic human rights for the Roma population. 

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