Development of climate change adaptation and mitigation capacity within Alba Iulia Municipality (CRESC Alba Iulia)

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UAT Municipality of Alba Iulia(RO)
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Local Agency of Energy Alba(RO)


 Alba Iulia Municipality undestood that climate change is not just a topic on the global agenda in recent years, but the ultimate threat to humanity. In this context, the need for this project is justified by the fact that allows the creation of a handmark tool for the Municipality of Alba Iulia, as a first concrete action and a set of solutions for efficient sustainable management of rainwaters collection in this areas. 

The general objective of the project is to increase the climate change mitigation and adaptation capacity of Alba Iulia Municipality, by identifing measures to improve the state of the environment and reduce the effects of pollution and other human activities, helping to align with the EU strategy of adaptation to climate change. 

The activities of the project flow naturaly from each other with a total duration of 12 months, and the team experts involved has the necessary experience to achieve the assumed results. The Activity A1 is project management. Activity A2 will lead to the central result of the project which will be materialized in the realization of a Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan (PAASC) for the period 2022 - 2030. This strategic document will allow Alba Iulia Municipality to rigurously plan for concrete actions intended to climate change mitigation and adaptation, in accordance with national strategies in the field, but also the Long-Term Strategy for a Climate Neutral Europe in 2050. The Activity A3 is already a first concrete action in this direction and will be materialized by conducting a specialized study on identifying vulnerable areas to high rainfall in Alba Iulia, proposing also a set of sustainable solutionsn for efficient management. This need resulted from the negative effects of climate change felt more and more frequently in Alba Iulia after heavy rains, as flooding of streets, basement yards, basements, etc. The Activity A4 is dedicated to the visibility of the project and of the funding Programme.

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