Learning to Improve the Global Health Together (LIGHT)

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Lumina Commune(RO)
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In implementation
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Lumina Commune aims to reduce energy costs and increase the security of energy supply by covering their need from green sources and reduce CO2 emissions. The Commune will use photovoltaic panels in order to assure the electricity for 17 public buildings. For the 17 buildings a number of 555 photovoltaic panels will be installed. The estimated energy to be produced is 310 MWh/year. The photovoltaic panels will be placed on a public domain, owned by the Applicant. The photovoltaic modules will be mounted by means of a metal mounting structure consisting of galvanized steel metal profiles and aluminium metal profiles. For connection to the network, a Connection Point will be built in prefabricated tire that will connect the Transformation Stations related to the Photovoltaic Power Plant. The power plant will be equipped with a SCADA system connected to the internet for uninterrupted access of the operating personnel to the parameters of the installation. A number of 2 people will be trained in this project.

The main characteristics and results of the LIGHT Solar Park are:
1) 555 solar panels installed;
2) 310 MWh/year produced from solar RES;
3) all public buildings (17) from Lumina commune and part of the local illumination network will be sustained by the RES produced in the LIGHT Solar Park;
4) 95 CO2 tones/year reduced. 

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