Power Grid Modernization towards a More Stable Future-SuPriM

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National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies(RO)
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In implementation
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University College of Southeast Norway(NO)
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The main objective of the project is to develop an effective energy management system on-chip supercapacitor to improve the stability of grid to enhanced energy density.

The project activities are designed to demonstrate a new concept, at an international level, for improving the stability of grid, reducing the energy waste of renewable electricity, in line with the less carbon intensive energy strategies, and finally to achieve an effective energy management system. Currently, the lack of stability in the power grid is a problem present at a global level and has led to a growing number of power grid failures. Due to an increasing demand in delivered power, the need for improving the storage units becomes urgent. There is a pressing need to incorporate a replacement with a fast response to address the industry problems so that the future can be allowed to look a lot greener. Key activities include:

  1. System design.
  2. Chip design and fabrication.
  3. Electrode design and fabrication.
  4. Dissemination, exploitation and publicity.
  5. Project management.
  6. Financial audit.

Expected outcomes include 3 energy security solutions developed and 2 new jobs created.

The project is implemented in partnership with University College of Southeast Norway (USN) and the Romanian company Swiso Electric SRL. The role of USN if to lead the electrode design and fabrication to fulfill the advanced electrode design with IMT Bucharest. They will also contribute to all other research activities. Swiso Electric will lead the industrial research activity to fulfill the final outcomes of the project, by implementing full performance testing, specific for stability in power grids to demonstrate the functionality of the proposed innovative system with IMT Bucharest and USN.

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