Enhancement of operational efficiency and control for Balkans SHPs

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The proposed project envisages the development of the company and the improvement of economic competitiveness by rehabilitating existing equipment with state-of-the-art technologies.
The project will enable the commissioning of additional power output for five of the six small hydro power facilities and an estimated increase of energy efficiency of up to 15%.
Having an efficient communication technology infrastructure that enables Balkan Hydro energy to instantly respond to supply and demand is giving the company a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The project will enable the company to access real time data needed to make maintenance and operational decisions quickly and efficiently. The refurbishments will also significantly diminish the impact of potential accidents on the environment which can currently occur due to forced shutdowns. Key activities of the project include:

  • Refurbishment of mechanic hydraulic drive system.
  • Implementation of a dispatching system.
  • Development of communication, security and monitoring system.
  • Project management and publicity to promote the project.

Expected outcomes of the project include an estimated annual CO2 emission reduction of 716 tonnes of CO2 eq./year and 1.263 MWh/year energy produced from hydropower sources. The installed capacity of the hydropower is expected to be around 5,10 MW. The project will generate 2 new jobs and require 4 employees to receive a specific training.
The project will be implemented in partnership with the Norwegian company City AS. City AS is part of group of companies very active in providing various B2B services: energy and lightning, road and traffic management, security and monitoring. The main role of the partner is to provide an innovative solution for connecting the dispatcher with the power plants and also to connect the power plants with their capture reservoirs. In addition, the partner will put in place robust solution for security, alarming and monitoring of the plants.

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