Improving IRIS hotel’s energy efficiency by using local geothermal resources

Project facts

Project promoter:
SC Oradea Express Hotel Srl(RO)
Project Number:
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
Navigo SLF(IS)

More information


The project aims at increasing the general efficiency level at the company, along with promoting clean energy production to improve the eco-friendly approach of the company long-term as well as sustain low carbon emissions. The main investment of the project consists in replacing the current gas-based heating system with a new one and innovative geothermal solution with an installed capacity equivalent with 0.250 MW and to connect the Iris Hotel own by the company to the geothermal supplier for hot water and heat.  The project’s estimated duration is 24 months, during which the company will also be able to strengthen its relationship with the Icelandic market through their partnership with the project bilateral partner in Iceland and its expertise and know-how.

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